Visionary Artist

Jill paints the world the way she wants to see it: “Luxe, calme et voluptu” (luxurious, calm and voluptuous). She imagines a world of peace. She imagines the rainbow colors of possibilities of a world that works. Jill not only paints such a world she envisions EKOTECTURE, the environmental architecture, she heralds and promotes to heal the world being adopted by all humanity.

Yoga Teacher

Yogini Jill began yoga at the age of seven.  She has taught since fourteen years old.  She studied with the greatest masters of the twentieth century.  Jill’s students receive undiluted benefit as she passes on the teachings of lineages with which she is intimately familiar. She has worked with rock stars, an astronaut who walked on the moon, heads of corporations, royalty, elderly children, physically and mentally challenged children across the spectrum, but mostly regular folks.  Her instructions are precise, her love and knowledge of her subject is clear.  She cheerfully welcomes all.  Her desire is PEACE.


Ekotecture EkoARKS are designed to sustain life no matter what: These buildings are designed to put nothing into earth, air, water in their operation, or take anything from earth, air, water in their operation. They take care of all their own utilities: lights, gas, water, waste management and food production. The ekoARKS protect life in the event of an earthquake, flood, fire hurricane, civil unrest or even a virus.