Green Activism

Jill’s activism takes the form of educating globally speaking on her story and her late husband’s contribution to humanity, the baby they created for humans to nurture and grow in this millenium: EKOTECTURE…Essential Architecture for PCV (Post Corona Virus) Jill has written books, (The Green Dolphin Logue, and The Seven Little Books, (now an interactive art work ) , written magazine articles, and been an advocate for The New Greener, Kinder, World: “A Rainbow of Possibilities for a World That Works”. Jill uses her art to call attention to some of the issues she advocates for: Environmental Architecutre of EKOTECTURE, the principles of YOGA, and the Spiritual Upliftment of the human race, Beauty, Truth and Goodness. She creates simple, small personal, human interest stories of remarkable folks she knows, or places she visits. Jill has been a tireless advocate for hsitorical preservation, tree and vista preservation, and using the best of our entire community to create “A Greener,Kinder World”, organizing large community art projects that reach out to all strata of society.