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Sat Nam Beloved,  Yoga is a sacred science in which energy is exchanged. I am so glad that you wish to consider taking yourself on to transform and to grow and make this energy commitment.  You must do as we are taught in India and “leave your shoes at the door”,  leaving your ego and all your thoughts there so you can be receptive to these priceless teachings.

Each Kundalini Yoga class is different .  We use the same protocol of starting with mantra, warm up exercises, a kriya, which is set of exercises and meditations: a prescription for a specific purpose, which must be followed precisely, the focus of the class, then a meditation, relaxation, finishing with The LongtimeSunshine Song, and a long chanting of “Sat Nam”.

If you can not pay for these priceless teachings, you will not be denied. Simply add “One Class” to the Shopping Cart, view your cart, apply coupon “freeclass”, click the “Proceed to Checkout” button, look under total and your charge should be “0”. This code has no expiration date, use as needed.


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