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The Dream of an American Architect Lee Porter Butler written in a small notebook Titled: Architecture Building a Better World dated May 21, 1983 San Francisco

The Dream of an American Architect

From the time when I was a young boy of 6 or 7, I dreamed of becoming a great architect.  I would grow up and design grand buildings to shelter protect and inspire the people.  As I grew older, my concern became more comprehensive.  Not only did I want to become an architect, I wanted to shelter and protect people in the total sense.  I wanted to live in a world of beauty and material abundance.  I wanted everyone in the world to enjoy that happy secure life I was fortunate to experience as a child.

The world has always been a cruel place in which it was difficult to survive.

A great architecture would not only shelter, it would feed, keep well, healthy, and safe from natural disaster and enemies.  It would be a panacea.

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