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Artist Jill Karlin First artist to Exhibit Art at Lake Worth Historical Museum

This delightful exhibition has a sprinkling of the artist’s work throughout the exhibit.  One enters the “Old City Hall Annex” and at the south end of the building climbs the stairway to the second story where  the story of our small city is layed out in utilitarian  objects, videos, photographs, costumes, and a variety of furnishings, and objects from Lake Worth’s humble beginnings through the last century.  The director of the museum, Walter Harper, has strategically placed the artist’s paintings throughout the museum, on easels, resting on tables, and on the floor complimenting the exhibits.  Because Jill Karlin paints “historic portraits’, and features a few of them in the museum, it adds to the folksy feeling, and surprises the exhibition goer, with Jill’s pops of color, as she is a colorist, throughout the tour.  More than an artist, Karlin is a storyteller.  Her pictures invoke a sense of place and going through the exhibit  with Jill she will regale you with story after story.  One story is the name of her Iconic painting of the 100 year anniversary of the Lake Worth Library.  While painting this painting, someone “accidentally” chopped down a magnificent shade tree in front of the City Hall Annex.  This being a story and an activist role Jill has taken on as a certified “TREE HUGGER”, appalled her.  She calls this painting “tribute to a tree and points out the leaves and brances of the tree depicted in one of the vignettes in the painting.  Her tree story is so grand…. You’ll have to read it in a future blog post.

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