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Comments: EKOTECTURE Dec. 7, 2021 Lake Worth Beach, Florida

The EKOTECTURE plan for Lake Worth Beach includes a gondola from the Tri-Rail Station to Lake Worth Beach, eliminating a noisy,  combustion engine filled experience at the beach and replacing it with fountains of water, water walls, water falls, 3 swimming pools including the restoration of our exquisite beach pool and adding an infinity pool, mineral pools for the elderly, and a lazy river which will replace asphalt parking spaces, a skateboard park intertwined amongst the permaculture beach garden, and more.Tiki taxis will transport people up and down the intracoastal and across the waterways in a delightful manner.  There will be exquisite fruit trees, and all natural terrain for folks to learn about south Florida sustainable gardening practices.  The bathhouse will be a model of floating sustainable architecture, based on EKOTECTURE, that will actually be underwater in parts, allowing folks to see the undersea life in a corridor surrounding the underwater changing rooms looking out through a bubble to the sea.  Food trucks galore, restaurants, and Mom and Pop shops, galleries, amusements.  

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Jill Karlin is a change maker in every positive sense of the term.  She is creative, brilliant, insightful, passionate and has real concrete ways to solve some of the toughest problems that our world faces today.  Pay close attention:  She can put Lake Worth Beach on the map as a city that can walk the walk of being the change that is so desperately needed.

Shelly Zachs:  Co Founder of The Delray beach children’s Garden.

Jill Karlin, Jeannie Fernsworth and Shelly Zachs at Delray Beach Children’s Garden in front of India painting by Jill Karlin

My name is Jomar Suarez Fernandez.  I am a physician and diplomat of The American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.  I have known Jill since 2014.  My comment is in support of her project.  Her sustainable development proposal and communications center would be transformative and innovative.  It will bring a lot of positive attention to your locale that will transmit into additional investment opportunities while also benefitting the local community tremendously.  Please consider her proposal with highest regard.


My name is Vaughn Murphy and I am writing in full support of the EKOTECTURE project to the city of Lake Worth beac.  In so doing, I highly encourage you, its esteemed leaders, to take the time to not only see and understand this vision, but also the positive environmental, social, and economic value potential inherent in its adoption.                                                                                    Being a resident of south Florida since 1992, while serving and contributing to the development of our communities as a real estate development and finance professional.  I see this as a unique opportunity for the City of Lake Worth Beach.                                                                      What makes this unique from a real estate and community perspective is that this project can deliver intellectual, social and economic capital to this city and its residents.  To find all three of these community development value added components present in one is rare.  What makes this timely is that there is simply no better time than “NOW” for us to make better choices as community members and leaders.  Our shared desired result is the enhancement of our experience of our lives, homes, neighborhoods and shared spaces, not just for now, but for generations to come.

Vaughn Murphy Real Estate developer, Investor

Sustainability, integrity, and Human Ecology

My name is Raymond Kowalski.  I am licensed Real estate broker and a licensed Construction Supervisor in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  In addition to being a proud alumnus of the School of Human Ecology at Cornell, I am a lifelong environmentalist.  It’s not often I get to applaud another kindred spirit engaged in the monumental task of sustaining planet Earth.  Jill is exactly such an advocate.  The depth and breadth of her enclosed actionable insights stands me proud marching shoulder to shoulder in our efforts to document for future generations’ tactics, strategies, and resources as well as the spirit, motivation and backbone needed to succeed.  Clean water, clean air, clean food are all derivatives of clean energy.  if you build clean energy on site and use that clean energy on site…even fossil fuels can’t compete with that.            Innovative designs for flexible foundations have the potential to mitigate flood damage and prevent the need to evacuate structures.  Onsite wind turbines plus permaculture gardens provide new sources of power and nutrition.  Double shell “envelope” house designs provide a re-introduction of passive heating and cooling principles, a technology that is founded in common sense energy efficiency.  “Envelope” houses were researched, developed and built by Jill’s late husband and soulmate, lee Porter Butler.  If Lake Worth beach greenlights this project I would be honored to help Jill.  The more projects like this that come to fruition the sooner we can make a dent in reversing the devastating effects of global warming.  YOU GO GIRL!!! Your friend and colleague Raymond Kowalski.


Regarding Jill Karlin’s presentation on sustainable development:It’s about time this subject is being discussed on the planning level.  new residents seek quality of life and forward thinking protection against Climate disaster.  Let’s keep building on Jill’s ideas.  If any community can do it, Lake Worth Beach can.  Linda Chapley


Jill’s got bold vision that represents the kind of radical change we’ll soon need in our warming world.  Elfin Delmundo


Hello Lake Worth Beach residents and other participants in this forum.   My name is Nathan Kowalski and I have known Jill for more than five years.  from the very first time I spoke to Jill and heard her ideas about EKOTECTURE, I have felt inspired and empowered to do as much as I can in that effort of making EKOTECTURE vision a reality.  The visions of Lee Porter Butler and Jill Karlin Butler are far ahead of the standard of our time.  This is how I can be so sure that the opportunity she presents is one that any person or group is lucky to happen upon.  Not only does the plan laid out by Jill and EKOTECTURE provide a practical outline to address climate change, innovation, and economic incentives, but it also promotes a sense of community and strong leadership to do what is right and leave no person behind.  This opportunity presented by Jill is one that any person or group would be lucky to have the chance to partake in and will be looked back on as not only. Nathan Kowalski


Good afternoon everyone.  My name is Juliet Christie and I would like to sa I have known Jill Karlin Butler for five years.  Within those five years, Jill has presented to me he and he late husband’s dream of EKOTECTURE.  Upon seeing her presentation of the framework of EKOTECTURE. I noted to her that it would be great to have an organic sustainable, comfortable and safe environment in Lake Worth, a place where I also reside.  I believe that this city could gain from the economic benefits that EKOTECTURE projects will bring and will be a great model for other cities, locally and world wide.  So much positive concepts are detailed in the four demonstration projects proposed to begin in Lake Worth such as structures designed to resist the destructive forces of nature, permaculture gardens that supplies organic food, energy systems at less cost than present conventional sources, to name a few, can support our community and I believe are great for our environment and future.  To conclude, it would be a wise choice for the city of Lake Worth beach to adapt EKOTECTURE framework presented by Jill Karlin Butler as we al could benefit from such robust and sustainable design in our Lake Worth City Community.  Juliet Christie



Jill Karlin Butler is a highly intelligent, moral, law-abiding, kind, reliable person.  I’ve known her since I was a youngster since her father was our family physician.  Socially I’ve known Jill for a few years and she’s a serious and highly respectable woman from a very fine Boston family.  Jill has told me about EKOTECTURE for a few years now, since I first began taking yoga classes with her at the onset of COVID.                                                                                   EKOTECTURE is an amazing concept, one the world really need to begin implementing today.  As soon as a learns about it and begins embracing its brilliance.  Its a concept that covers so many crucial needs for the world population NOW that it needs to be examined with an open and critical mind, for the betterment of the world, this magnificent planet of ours and not to forget, its ever expanding number of inhabitants. And non-renewable resources.  That’s one of the most critical points of all here.  But even more, its adoption would help manage the health and well-being of ALL life, considering the serious reduction of so many polluting waste products.  I feel that Jill’s on-line presentation is that comprehensive and all encompassing that there is not much more to add.  Please give it your fullk attention and address it with an open mind and highly serious eye for the future.  You’ll certainly be creating a uniquely responsible example for all cities and towns everywhere, but especially here in south Florida, where the weather, as everyone knows can wreak havoc anytime to the detriment of numerous populations centers within your borders.

Debra Airpol


I am a resident and business owner in Lake Worth for 7 years. I am very humbled that my dear friend Jill Karlin Butler has asked me for support with her presentation for this evening.  I am pleased to do so.  Change is born by a thought, an idea or many times circumstances.  These ideas she brings to us tonight have been manifesting for many years.  Tonight “the ideas” are brought to the table to be thought upon, tweaked hopefully to full on fruition.                                  There are many things wrong with our town as well as many things right.  It saddens me to see the allowance of more kava bars, beer joints and tattoo parlors, none of which add value to our town, businesses or properties.  The home


Jessica Schriver Newton 


   I be

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