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Dear friends of the Earth January 25, 1993

In his book, The Earth in the Balance, Vice President Al Gore predicts the end of the world as we know it, by the middle of the 21st century resulting from the misuse of global from the misuse of global resources, specifically the burning of fossil fuels.  To avoid this scenario, he proposes that  Anerica lead the world with a voluntary Global Environmental “Marshall Plan”.  This proposal is our plan to initiate action.

Ekose’a Homes,  a book by architect Lee Porter Butler describes his invention, the gravity geo-thermal envelope.  because of this discovery, we are able to eliminate mechanical systems, friction and fire in the ventilation, heating and cooling of buildings.  This means  NO MORE FOSSIL FUELS.  The book illustrates and describes 23 beautiful, comfortable homes filled with natural light.  Thousands of these homes have been built all over the world.  prestigious government laboratories (such as Brookhaven National Laboratories)have validated their performance and residents testify to their remarkable comfort, economy and health in every climate.

Mr. Butler has since gone on to invent and develop additional patents, dealing with lightweight concrete modular building components which move and cool air, and move air, store heat, create refrigeration, non electrical lighting systems, solar electric power generation and storage, waste recycling and methane production, automated greenhouse hydroponics, airponics, aquaculture, fresh water recovery and desalinization systems, making the practical construction of “sustainable communities” economical and profitable for the first time.

The recent emphasis on the quality of the global environment.  The Earth summit in Rio, the election of Bill Clinton and Albert Gore and the announcements by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the International Union of Architects, agreeing with Gore’s predictions for calling for solutions to “sustainable communities”, has prompted us to charter “EEkose’a Integrated technologies Inc…, a Florida corporation (Which we changed to EKOTECTURE) and put forth the following plan:

We propose a joint venture with the Federal government, to establish a network of new Universities of EKOTECTURE.  EKOTECTURE is the functional integration of the art, agriculture, architecture, environmental engineering and power generation into a single structure, neighborhood or community.  The University campus and surrounding community will be constructed  as a demonstration of these new appropriate Technologies and will serve as the center for development of The Voluntary “Marshall” Plan.  The curriculum will teach the fundamentals and principles underlying these new technologies, humanities and the arts.

Our proposal offers you wha we believe is, a unique opportunity to create employment (right livelihood) and profit for thousands of American families and provide true security for future generations.

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