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E K O T E C T U R E by Lee Porter Butler February 11, 1993

In all probability, the building you are living in at this very moment is causing disease in you without your even knowing it.  It lacks oxygen and the intensity of full spectrum natural lighting required by every animal retina in order for the organism to remain immune to predators.  Many of the modern materials used in the furnishings and finished of virtually every home in the industrialized world produce, “off gassing”, which means that they are evaporating right into your body.  These tiny compounds of petroleum polymers lodge in our blood vessels blocking the free flow of neurons and blood circulations, causing paralysis, numbness, headaches, dizziness, nausea, blindness, vomiting and even death.

The first three astronauts who spent several days in a totally manmade environment almost died from the gas offed by the insulation on the electrical wiring and cockpit panels.  The composite wood boards used in the cabinets and furniture, paints, electrical fixtures, carpeting, plastic water pipes, furniture, upholstery and even clothing.

In addition, most of us are eating foods grown on depleted soils which grow produce deficient in vital minerals and vitamins.  The land and the food is also infused with central nervous system toxins such as residues from chemical fertilizers and pesticides which cause disease, cancer, and death.

Because of fossil fuel combustion, acid rain is killing our green mantle of oxygen producing trees, corrupting and killing our food chain, grasses, algae, and the air we breathe.  All of this is known to cause disease, heart attack, cancer and death.

In many locations of the world the ground water is polluted with these same PCBs and other carcinogens.  Radio-active waste stored in caves has been discovered to be leaking into deep underground water aquifers which connect the global water system.  Misuse and waste of water has depleted the levels of theses giant aquifers until many scientists believe we face eminent danger of restricted use rationing.  What we have seen so far, in terms of environmental impact from world civilization is nothing.  Most of the world’s population is living in pre-industrialized cultures.  When all of these people demand their share of the global resources, either we have to shift to a base of more abundant resource or we go to war.

I have spent my professional life devoted to the development or discovery of practical, economical, simple solutions which really work without negative side effects.  The key to understanding how these ideas work is to understand that it is better to eliminate underlying causes of problems that it is to treat or try to eliminate the symptoms of the problem.  The best example of this concept is my own invention, the gravity geo-thermal envelope.  With this series of engineering equations, I can predict the temperature of any structure, anywhere on earth, during any climate conditions you wish to specify.  Not only can we predict the temperature at any moment, we can control.  the temperature at any moment.  We can control the temperature up or down, over any range you desire, during any climate conditions.  We can accomplish this in a very large building of a very small one.  There are no limitations to material or style.  Every factor fits within a variable equation which can be intelligently manipulated for the desired end result.

The result is a building which always stays the healthy temperature you desire without heating or cooling system and without any effort on your part, by design.  It could do this automatically or at the touch of your hand.  It is silent.  It never breaks, does not require servants to operate, maintenance men to maintain or purveyors to provide resources beyond your immediate physical control.  At the same time we would design your home to maintainan ideal oxygen content for maximum vitality, energy and health.  It would also contain other friendly herbs and spices which ward off insects.



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