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The current system is cumbersome.  The E K O T E C T U R E system is circular, sustainable, and requires no resources from the outside to sustain life in comfort and joy, once created.


Lowers Life Cycle Costs of Services While Increasing Reliability

E K O T E C T U R E replaces the existence of a centralized fuel consuming infrastructure with a decentralized non-pollution, universal energy driven infrastructure.  This eliminates the high cost of umbilical “lines”, the cost of maintaining them and the cost of owning the property they must travel over.  This also eliminates “interruption of service” due to acts of God, accidents or acts of war.

Lowers Life Cycle Cost While Increasing Security & Safety

Made from a light weight floating, fireproof concrete, E K O T E C T U R E structures resist damage and failureresulting from insects, rot, fire, storm and flood damage.  This significantly lowers insurance premiums, maintenance, and life cycle costs of ownership.

Opens New Strategic Areas for Development 

E K O T E C T U R E developments may even float in water, reducing the area of forests and wetlands which are destroyed by the pressures for new development.  With more than 2/3 of the earth’s surface being water, this opens up vast new development near the existing urban cores.

Conserves the World’s Timber  Reserves

By relying on abundant widespread indigenous earth  resources and materials for its own structure E K O T E C T U R E does not demand that we harvest the world’s dwindling forest reserves.

Reduces Life Cycle Cost & Development Time

Mass produces modular components lower the cost of development and reduce building assembly time.

E K O T E C T U R E  Creates Its Own Essentials

  1.  Chemically pure and electrically balanced  sparkling clear, delicious water
  2. Oxygen rich, electrostatically balanced fresh, healthy air.
  3. Direct current, low voltage electricity which is safe for household use.
  4. Organic fertilizer which can sold or used to grow your own food and flowers
  5. Natural methane gas which can be used for cooking or space heating
  6. Fresh and nutritious, delicious food, beneficial herbs and spices, beautiful flowers with stimulating fragrances
  7. Direct full spectrum natural lighting to stimulate the immune system and reduce the chances of psychological depression

E K O T E C T U R E  provides human beings with a healthy environment BY DESIGN for the first time.  Every space in every building, no matter how small or unimportant, is provided with direct, full spectrum sunlight and “fresh” negatively charged oxygen rich moving air, eliminating the so called “sick building syndrome”.  Mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria, and viruses can not grow under these healthy conditions.


The recent increased attention being given to “sick building syndrome” is only the tip of an iceberg.  Double blind medically supervised studies have repeatedly shown that 98% of all buildings fail in almost every respect, in providing the conditions necessary for optimum human health.  Th following factors have been determined to be critical to human health.

  1. Light
  2. Electromagnetic Fields
  3. Electrostatic charges in the air
  4. Off gassing materials
  5. Oxygen and healthy bacteria content in air
  6. Cold Air Drafts & Cold Surfaces

Full Spectrum Light

Sunlight contains what is known as full spectrum light, i.e. that is all the frequencies and wavelengths that come naturally from the sun.  When this enters the retina, it charges the immune system, stimulating the production of Vitamin D and others, while reducing mental depression.  It has been common folk knowledge for years that people who get moderate amounts of sunshine are healthier than those who stay indoors all the time.

Electromagnetic Fields

Lines which deliver power to our neighborhoods carry 250,000 volts of alternating current.  That is stepped down to 220 volts in order to enter our homes.  We use only one leg of that 2 leg system for 110 volt lines within our homes.  That voltage and the power of the current those lines carry is strong enough to shock and kill.  The Electromagnetic waves given off by those lines inside our houses walls bend and twist our brain waves, interrupting our thought processes and affecting the internal electro chemical balance of our bodies.

Electrostatic Charges of Airborne Particles

The presence of so many motors and electrical appliances running at these high voltages, impart positive electrical charges to every particle and ion of air inside our houses.  These particles touch our skin and draw down the negative charges inside our bodies.  This imbalance destroys our immune systems and causes disease, headaches, dizzyness, etc…

Off Gassing of Material

Modern synthetic building materials made from oil evaporate slowly, gicing off gasses whose molecules are so tiny that they can enter our bloodstream inside our lungs, yet are too large to pass through our brain.  Lodged in the blood vessels of our brain, they cause pressure on parts of our brain nerve endings, causing blindness, dizzyness nausea, blurred vision and headaches along with immune deficiency disease.

Oxygen and Healthy Bacteria In Air

Physical comfort and health is affected by air movement across the surface of the skin.  Too much air movement or movement at a cold temperature evaporates moistures from the body, dehydrating and cooling the body causing discomfort and stress.  As the body temperature drops, the immune system weakens and allergies appear.  Consistent drafts can trigger a constant imbalance in the body’s equilibrium, prompting a continuous allergic reaction.  Exterior walls presenting cold surfaces to the interior can also absorb body heat, producing the same results.  Conventional architecture without envelope walls invite cold drafts and cold exterior surfaces, no matter how they are designed.

Human Nature

Our culture is so addicted to the ritual and process of using firse we can’t easily visualize living without it.  The obtaining of fire, in ours or any culture, is and has always been a complex series of physical actions, movements and/or negotiations and contracts (Work).  Eliminating fire , eliminates the need for all that action.  It saves time, effort, and money (work).  By eliminating our dependence on fire, we eliminate “work” itself as a necessity for basic survival.  This freedom from struggle runs counter to the teachings of many of the world’s great religions and makes the whole concept of E K O T E C T U R E more difficult to understand.

The concept of eliminating work itself also undermines the belief systems of our economic and political rulers who rely on guilt and fear of starvation and death to keep “sheeplike workers afraid of not returning to their daily jobs of mundane drudgery and physical struggle.

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