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Ekosea Homes

Ekose’a Homes was first self published by Lee in 1979 in response to an outpouring of inquiries about his work due to the “gas crisis”, lines at the fuel pumps, and fear of oil shortages.

Co-created by Lee Porter Butler and his wife Jill Karlin Butler in 1992, Ekotecture evolved over a 20-year period and from Lee’s earlier work “Ekosea Homes” and his innovation/invention in construction “The Gravity Geothermal Envelope”.

Lee has inspired a generation of modern architects, designers, and environmental activists. His work (Ekose’a Homes) has been a case studied by the Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA Department of Energy and Environment and found to be the most energy-efficient and CO2 benign homes they ever studied. (Published 1981). Numerous books and academic papers have been written about Lee’s work and his architectural designs.

Throughout the late 1970s to mid-1980s Lee and his work was featured in publications such as Popular Science, News & Observer, Raleigh N.C, New Florida, Earth Magazine, Ohio Magazine, and other notable publication

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4 Responses

  1. Hello – I built an Ekosea home in Park City, Ut in 1980, It was the Salt Box house plan. My wife and I both really liked the home and the solarium. Do you still have house plans available as we would like to build another one? We are presently looking for land to do this. Any information would be appreciated. Thank You!

    1. Good morning Terry,
      Thank you for reaching out. I am delighted to hear from you. Do you have any pictures of your home? We are attempting to roll out a 100% self sustainable concept. EKOTECTURE. Please stay connected.


  2. We wanted to build an Ekose’a home back in the early 80s but the new city of Poway did not know how to manage/inspect these types of designs claiming that they would create a fire chimney and thus the flow of air had to be blocked off. We built a geodesic dome instead. Now we are wondering if the design book is still available and where to look for someone who would build one.

    1. Dear Terry,
      We are attempting to roll out the newest iteration EKOTECTURE, with Ekose’a Homes as the foundation. Please keep connected.



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