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Hand-painted tile murals

Kitchens, hallways, foyers, baths, pool areas, office spaces, public spaces, businesses, and institutions can be enlivened by Fine Art Tile Murals by Jill Karlin. Where a focal point is needed or a window is impossible, a slice of tropical flora, landscape, seascape can be added. Jill sometimes carries these themes onto linens, upholstery and drapery.

Unrepetitive designs without boundaries are characteristic of Jill’s tile murals. Her orchid murals, for example, create the illusion of a window opening into a greenhouse where flowers grow on all sides of you. Her custom tile murals are all painted on bisque ceramic tile with underglaze, then glazed and fired for a product to withstand the test of time.

Each tile mural is custom-designed to meet specific requirements. Jill creates a sketch and upon approval, a deposit of half the full price is secured, and the artist creates a dream design for each customer. The final balance is paid upon completion of these masterworks.


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