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House Portraits by Jill Karlin

    Whimsical building histories, painted in a classical American naïve style, “House Portraits” are mixed media paintings of your building, be it home, hotel, museum, cottage, condo, castle, apartment, summer digs, or business.  Jill has also created “House Portraits” for boats, cities, municipalities, and cultural organizations.  Jill has rendered people portraits and pets in this style. These document your building, (or what have you), for eternity.  They make marvelous heirlooms.

     The subject is rendered centrally. The border vignettes capture details, recording history and memorabilia in a charming manner.  Artifacts, family stories, hobbies, interior views, city history, building history, all can be depicted in this patchwork quilt of many paintings integrated into an harmonious masterwork.

     Greeting cards made from original art provide the ultimate in personalized sophisticated communication for announcements, and stationery.  If you are thinking of a unique gift for family or friends, or just want to treat yourself and your family, there is nothing more special.

     Please send a good central photograph of the subject.  Jill needs up to ten other photographs to render the border vignettes.  If you have favorite colors you wish specify,please do. 561-267-7423

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