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Jill Organizes Preschoolers at Opportunity Inc. to Protest the Chopping of Trees in West Palm Beach 1992

Protest: Tree Florida

In 1992 I was awakened by a call from my stepson Aaron, who at the time was living on Clematis Street in West Palm Beach , Florida to alert me that the city was performing a chain saw massacre on all the palm trees lining the street. All the trees were facing the ax, and Aaron knew my activism with trees as my focus…. more on that…I organized an educational protest with  the preschoolers at Opportunity, Inc. a school serving the underserved in our community.   I spent a ;little time prepping the little older than toddler children, teaching them about the oxygen that the trees make, the homes they provide animals, and insects, the shade they create by their canopy which serves to cool the buildings they surround, or the people that take shelter under neath.  They produce nutritious food and fragrant flowers.  My friend Coleen Bennett from Australia and my husband, Lee Porter Butler, provided me with the support crew in sign making and organizing the march of the the children.  jill is committed to the earth, planting trees and EKOTECTURE.

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