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Lee Porter Butler

The gravity geo-thermal envelope

Environmental architect, Lee Porter Butler, was heralded for his invention of “the gravity geothermal envelope”, a way to heat and cool houses without using fossil fuels based on natural geothermal convection with no moving parts.

“The envelope” was featured on the covers of Popular Science, Better Homes and Gardens and Shelter magazines globally in the early 1970’s, while his company Ekose’a Homes built and sold plans of these homes.

Butler taught at University of California Berkeley in The Graduate School of Design and Planning. The United States Department of Energy and Lausanne Labs monitored Ekose’a Homes and discovered them to offer superior comfort.

Lee Porter Butler devoted the remainder of his life to solving the crisis facing our planet and humanity of dwindling resources, rising sea levels, and overpopulation that is underserved in food, water and shelter.

Ekotecture, founded by Lee and his wife Jill Karlin, is this solution: a way for humans to live in harmony with one another and Earth.

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