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Mooji Mt. Sahaja Portugal

I believe it was February 2018 when I accompanied a friend, Florentina to Lisboa, Portugal to participate in a Mooji gathering,   … SatSang with the master.  Satsang is a Sanskrit term meaning “being in the company of the truth” or “right association,” and refers to a group of like-minded people who engage in a spiritual dialogue..  We were so fortunate to stay at, my friend Miguel’s friend  Francisco’s AirBnB in a most charming district of Lisbon (name of which alludes me.  It was a big walk up…four flights of stairs, of a winding, old school stairway, to the shared space, Fransisco’s 3 bedroom attic apartment,  rewarded by stunning city-ocean views from the small attic windows,.  I could crawl through the window onto the roof ledge.

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