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Historic Bike Tours: Lake Worth

In an attempt to help preserve the character and cottages of Lake Worth, combining my love the city I call home and have made my home for ten years of my more than thirty years in Florida, for bike touring, activism, ecology, architecture, art, and history I am offering “Historic Bike Tours: Lake Worth”.  

Starting Fall 2020, bring your masks, physically distancing, while touring we will visit and explore some of the interesting sites that make Lake Worth a pristine example of twentieth century vernacular, south Florida, beach town, architecture.

Block off 2.5 hours for your afternoon starting at 2:30 pm on Saturdays.  We will begin the tour with a visit to The Lake Worth Historical Museum for a half hour,  (if you wish to spend more time arrive earlier even to get the full experience there) and then begin our historical tour, which will finish at The Beach Club for a refreshing drink. (Or plan your after bike ride cocktails or early dinner there).  Along the way we will visit a life long artist in residence, a treasure to our small city. 

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