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Paper Making

Although paper making is an ancient art, the use of handmade paper as an artistic vehicle of expression is of more recent origin. it is like a combination of oil painting, watercolor and bas relief sculpture in some cases. The material elicits loose and expressive responses. In this art form, paint is not applied to a solid backing, not is a solid material molded into an ultimate form. rather , loose flowing pulp is shaped under water to build the image.

First the pulp is prepared in both regular and over-beaten forms and pre-dyed in batches. next a deckle wood form is placed upon the pelon backing in the vacuum table. Finally, the artist begins to layer the pulp onto its underwater base.

The pre-colored pulp constitutes the artist’s pallet. The image evolves as the paper is constructed. It is the freedom of manipulating this malleable medium, by adding or subtracting depth and color, that is so different and exciting for me as an artist. During each successive stage the water can be suctioned off to consolidate the work. The final drying process takes several weeks to complete, ultimately building a new aesthetic work of art.

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