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I have many synchronicities that happen in my life.  Recently a preponderance of such.  What is meaning of this?

Girls Latin School:  I described in another post that about the synchronicity of walking at the Endicott House in Dedham, Mass. across the road from where my Mom was in a rehabilitation center at Newbridge on the Charles, where she lives.

The two sisters one in West Palm Beach at the airport and the other on the plane

Jamy Bok in Palm Beach at Daniella Ortiz and then Lee calling on April 19 2022 in car with Helen

Kati Till in remote town of Brazoria Texas, meeting Suzanne son  Brian

There have been others recently

More to explorer


House Portraits by Jill Karlin     Whimsical building histories, painted in a classical American naïve style, “House Portraits” are mixed media paintings

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