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Teaching Yoga in 2021

Listening to “Uncomfortable Conversations Podcast Untold Stories of the 3HOKundalini Yoga Community”.  This is the era of each one of us becoming our own Guru.  The cult of Gurus is over.  I am disassociating from the words…”Kundalini Yoga”.  I have studied with many, many Yoga teachers since the age of 7.  I was thrilled to discover Kundalini Yoga as a very seasoned Yoga  teacher and adopt many of the teachings.  I loved the community.  I enjoyed Winter Solstices.  I enjoyed the women (in particular) whom I maintain deep friendships. I learned from Deva Kaur, and spent much time at The Millis Ashram and attended many workshops over the years.   After reading the stories and now listening to the stories of abuse within this community and sanctioned and perpetrated by the teachers I am disgusted, and disappointed.  I never felt associated with my spiritual name, given to me.  I have a new beginning and a lot of experience to support me.

My teaching modality is changing.

Jill practices and teaches yoga


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