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Technology: Applied Science, making life easier, living longer and improving the quality of life for the average person in the May 21, 1983 san francisco notebook entitled Architecture Building a Better World

Several decades ago, the vast majority of people living in the US had to work hard all their live simply in order to maintain a very meagre standard of living.  The hours were long and the work was hard.  Life expectancy was 30% less than today.

Technology and the industrial revolution has changed all that.  Less than 5%of the US population is presently able to feed the other 95%.  In addition the majority of the American people enjoy a much higher material standard of living than they ever have.  This is all due to the labor saving developments made possible by the 20th century scientific technological advances.

We are living in the information age.  Whereas most progress during the last 200 years has been the result of hardware development, the next great wave of improvements will occur as a result of the development of what has come to be referred to as software.  Simply put, software is information, and information is what people need most.

Starvation results from an individual not knowing how to provide for their own, nutritional food supply, with the relevant knowledge, it is possible to produce an abundant food supply using locally available indigenous materials and natural energies.

At the present time, the simultaneous development of communications technologies designed to facilitate 2 way conversation between every human being on earth.

Micro-processors are currently being used to translate, by voice entry: any language into any other language.

Satellite video systems are dropping in cost almost as fast as computers, and will, within 5 years be affordable for every American consumer.

Television has already become a basic fixture in every home in the industrialized world.


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