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The Little Red Book

In 1997-8 Jill channelled a series of fourteen books.  Eight of those books Jill will share on these recordings on her web site.  She is creating a podcast of The Seven Little Books and Perhaps of The Green Dolphin Logue.  In this video Jill reads EKOTECTURE The Little Red Book .  EKOTECTURE is about the first chakra and is associated with the color red, the base elements, and the foundational ways in which humans relate to the earth.  Jill asked Lee to pen this book with her for her seven book series, as Lee, is the master of EKOTECTURE.  In her seven book series, each book contains pithy  one line per page very important and to the point concepts to understand and digest.  A person conceivably can read each book in a minute each book, thus rendering the reading of the seven books in seven minutes.

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