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The Mural of Unity

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House Portraits by Jill Karlin     Whimsical building histories, painted in a classical American naïve style, “House Portraits” are mixed media paintings

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    1. Dear Michael,
      I look forward to seeing you next Saturday. We had to cancel this morning because of the weather. We will commence next Saturday. If you have any extra house paints etc… to bring by.

    1. Sat nam dear Azi,
      The wall is 3.5 blocks long. Each panel of the wall is owned by the home owner who owns the property on the back side of the wall.
      My understanding is that after Jim Crowe era the owners (at the time mostly white folks) erected the wall because the black folks who lived east of the wall in what was “The Osborne Colored District” , the only area during Jim Crowe where people of color could live, were traipsing through their yards and the nearby woods to get to school.

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