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The Seven Qualities of Paradise by Lee Porter Butler

First:  It is semi-tropical, heavily wooded, filled with fruits, nuts and flowers of all kinds, waterfalls,  rivers and streams meander and find their way to the sea.

Second:  There are no visible buildings, anywhere on land.  Floating on the waterways and seas of the world are Ekospheres, benign self-contained human habitats which take nothing and add nothing to the earth, air, or water.

Third:  The creation of these new self -contained environments will present many new opportunities for small groups of individuals to pool their resources and become a new clear family unit, a tribe, society or nation depending upon their wealth or determination and desires.  Many such nation states will appear every year.  The resulting allowance of many different life styles, mores morals and law will make peace on earth much more of a possibility.

Fourth: Some of the EKOSPHERES will be designed to float above the clouds, held afloat by solar heated air.  In these locations , solar energy, is available every day, full blast.  We will locate critical industries in space for hygienics and security.  Some Eko-spheres will be in low geosynchronous orbit 100 miles above the earth and will become the blast off point for deep space.  All souls will serve voluntarily in the purpose they perceive.  Individuality will be respected and admired above all else.

Fifth:  Most of the earth’s people, up to 500 billion souls, will be accommodated in earth’s gravitational field, linking them to us unconditionally.Most of them will spend most of their time creating art and entertainment, beautiful gardens, music, writing, painting, building, producing, staging, pleasurable experiences for others of all ages to enjoy.  Through  free personal free expression, people will discover the ways to heal themselves of their delusions, illusions, ego trips and thoughts of self-destruction.

Sixth:   The official quality of state created destructiveness or negativity will be outlawed and eliminated gradually.  There will be  no violence, enforced laws, no police, no courts, no judges, no wardens or guard, no prisons, or executions on the  part of those desiring harmony and order.  Ancient scriptures, texts which inspire violence in the enforcing of written references to mores, morals, traditions, customs, law and the justification for detail, as punishment for not obeying these kinds of opinions will be declared outlawed and invalid for all time.  Acceptance, understanding, forgiveness and love will  take their place.

Seventh:  Humans will live for thousands of years by choice and intention in perfect health and enjoy fantasy life styles.  Shangri-La style environments according to their desires and perceptions.  learn how when we get to leave this space at the exact moment we choose, we go blissfully into another equally  more wonderful space from which we can return at will.  From the Alpha to the Omega.




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