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The Urantia Book, and A Course In Miracles

January 1, 2021 with an intimate group of readers we embarked upon a year long journey, reading daily A Course In Miracles and A Lesson a day.  It proved fruitful for the entire 365 days of reading. I didn’t miss a day.  Covid, travels, and interruptions were all avoided by our commitment, and we did it.  On January 1, 2022 I  and an intimate group have begun reading The Urantia Book from cover to cover 8:30-9:30 am. .   This book  is “The Fifth Epochal Revelation, and another inspiring endeavor.  In addition, every Monday evening from 7-8, I facilitate A Course In Miracles.  We read from the book, and we do a lesson, as well as reading some inspirational readings of Tina Spaulding related to our workbook lesson.  We read a week of lessons on our own each week, as well as a chapter from the book.  We are now on Chapter 4 and on Workbook Lesson 24.  By next Monday when we meet again we will be at Lesson 28, and embark on Chapter 5.

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