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Sister City Lake Worth First International Green Conference 2011

I love Lake Worth, the place I call home, and I have served in a variety of capacities within my city since moving here in 2010.  Upon arrival, my first week living here, I was riding my bicycle downtown in Lake Worth, and scoping out my new south Florida city.  As I rode to City Hall, I read the marquee’s announcement inviting us to serve on boards.  I entered city hall,  directed to the basement to a book of committees that invited community participation.  As soon as I saw a need for members of “The Sister City Board”, I knew that was where I belonged. My father was a doctor at Harvard University and we hosted many exchange students my entire childhood.  In addition I worked as a tour guide in Boston, and also guiding vacationers from the US in Europe. I had a pen pal growing up, and always enjoyed learning about other cultures, and sharing.

This was shortly post Haitian earthquake.  I was surprised to learn at our first meeting that Lake Worth has four sister cities:  St. Mark Haiti, Lappernanta, Finland, Sopot, Poland and Southend-on-Sea, England.  I was elected chairperson of the committee.  Given my passion for E K O T E C T U R E, essential architecture, the legacy my late husband has left for humanity.  I organized the first international “Green Conference” with the intention of bringing his life saving, earth friendly, 100% self-sustainable architecture to our international partners with the intention of discovering how we might join together to address the disaster in Haiti.  Representatives from all four cities joined us including engineer Anna Heim from Southend-on-Sea, for an enlightening four days which included a conference with speakers, an authentic English High Tea served by dual  Lake Worth/ Southend-on -Sea residents, Chris Gostling and Rhonda Hewitt. The evenings were full of fun, including a performance by two tenors from Finland at The Lake Worth Playhouse.  The Mayor of Lappernata, Finland spoke about greening efforts in his city.

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